This patented "HOOK" design
is perfect for both pierced
and un-pierced ears - they
just HOOK in!

Non-pierced (pierceless and clipless) Earrings

Barbara Barnett designed these unique and fashionable earrings to be proudly worn by women who want to look their best, whether their ears are pierced or not!

Lisa pierceless, clipless earring from Barbara Barnett's Hooker EarringsThese clipless, pierceless earrings are easy to handle and put on, "Hooker" earrings gently "hook" on and dangle from the ear well without your being aware of them. For the most part, you are unaware of them - except when you take that one last look in the mirror before you go to your appointment or that big date, and then you realize how very elegant your non-pierced earrings look or, better yet, once you arrive at your destination and the compliments start flowing.

You can understand why Hooker Earrings, which are handmade "ear art" by design, make unique and special gifts. And why many wearers choose them over traditional clips and pierced earrings. They're fun to wear,  they're a great conversation topic and they make you feel really special.

Pierceless earrings from Barbara Barnett will always make your ears beautiful, whether pierced or not.

Try Hooker Earrings or Order Them as a Gift

Pictured above left is the "Lisa" non-pierced, clipless and pierceless earring.