This patented "HOOK" design
is perfect for both pierced
and un-pierced ears - they
just HOOK in!

How the Hookers Happened

"In the 70s my psychic friend, Zoe, predicted I would make my fortune with a jewelry invention. As I was in the corporate world, I laughed and went on with my career.

"Ten years later, I found myself at Long Beach State learning the secrets of jewelry-making from Al Pine, who also taught me to 'always make my mistakes work for me'.

"After accidentally inventing this unique design, I also remembered Zoe's words and headed for the patent office.

"Because you were adventurous enough to buy them, because you told everybody about them and because we make such marvelous earrings, we are now in our 24th wondous year?

"Thanks to all of you and a special thanks to Zoe!"

Member of Who's Who of American Inventors
Who's Who of American Entrepreneurs.