This patented "HOOK" design
is perfect for both pierced
and un-pierced ears - they
just HOOK in!

Latest Hooker Earring Designs

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CopperLeaf, Regular, Gold Filled

CopperLeaf, Regular, Sterling Silver

Tess, Regular, Gold Filled, w/Pearl

Tess, Regular, Sterling Silver, w/Pearl

FiligreeLeaf, Gold Filled, Regular

FiligreeLeaf, Gold Filled, Regular w/Dangle

FiligreeLeaf, Sterling Silver, Regular

FiligreeLeaf, Sterling Silver, Regular, w/Dangle

Scroll, Regular, Gold Filled

Scroll, Large, Gold Filled

Scroll, Regular, Sterling Silver

Scroll, Large, Sterling Silver

Rose-Gold, Gold Filled, Small

Rose-Gold, Gold Filled, Regular

Rose-Gold, Gold Filled, Large